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Increase Conversions with Website Design

Portfolio Web Thumb SECURITY ABSTRACT A well-designed website can have a substantial impact on your business, bringing in more visitors and increasing the amount of time people spend on your page. However, professional design is about more than making your website look good—it’s about improving your conversion rates and encouraging visitors to make purchases. At Red Crow Marketing, our designers use strategic web design to ensure your company’s success. By integrating eye-catching designs with functional, easy-to-use layouts, our websites promote longer visits and increase your conversions. Check out a few of our top strategies to learn more about how strategic website design can help your business.

1. Keep Your Design Clear

When people browse the Internet, they’re looking for quick information. Most people scan webpages and decide whether or not the site is useful in a matter of seconds—so it’s essential to communicate your company’s value right away through a clear, simple design. While flashy graphics and moving text might seem likely to draw attention, most users will block them out automatically. Provide users with a clear browsing experience and information that is easy to navigate. You’ll be rewarded with users who stay on your site longer, visit more often, and recommend your page to their friends and followers.

2. Utilize Sidebars

Sidebars on the left, right, or top of your page can be a valuable asset to your website. However, it’s important to keep them simple and clear. Too many web designers clutter the sidebars with extra graphics or irrelevant links. The best way to use sidebars is to provide easy navigation for visitors. Provide links to main pages or resources, as well as a simple way for users to connect with your company through email, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

Additionally, add an opt-in form at the top of your website to collect customers’ email addresses or to encourage them to request a quote or appointment. A clear and simple opt-in form placed at the top of the page is one of the first things people will notice, so you’ll be able to interact with customers and ensure their repeat visits right away.

3. Integrate Relevant Images

While it’s important to keep your design simple and clear, a few well-placed images can improve the look of your page and keep a visitor’s interest to increase conversions. Make sure the photos you use are relevant and closely related to the content on your page. Many users will look at the pictures before they begin reading, and they’ll use the photos to determine whether or not they’re interested in continuing. Choose powerful, engaging images that help people get an idea of what your company has to offer.

4. Simplify Customer Choices to increase conversions

In some businesses, it’s important to give people choices and let them feel like they can get as much customization as they want. But for many companies, giving customers too many choices can actually paralyze their decisions—and they’ll end up leaving your website without purchasing anything at all. A strategic website design should funnel customers to make one of a few key choices based on their needs. By simplifying the decision-making process and helping customers see which product or service is most relevant to their needs, you’ll see higher conversions and more satisfied users.

Red Crow Marketing can develop a strategic website design for your business that attracts users and engages them so that they will stay on your website longer. While a professional website is the first step to improving your online sales, a strategic website design takes your business to the next level and can dramatically increase conversion rates. Contact us here or give us a call at 417-889-1658 to find out more about the ways that your website can transform your business.


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