You may not know us, but you know our work.

Red Crow Marketing Inc. was born in 2004 to assist managers, entrepreneurs and CEO’s with their marketing and advertising needs.

We’re not a huge company; we’re more of a boutique advertising agency, a benefit our customers love. We don’t have rows of cubicles filled with designers, developers and producers. We don’t have dozens of sales reps who lose you in the hectic shuffle of day-to-day business.

We’re what we like to call a personal-sized advertising agency. Our goal is not to have the most clients. Instead, our objective is to provide exceptional, one-on-one service to the clients we have. Quality trumps quantity at Red Crow.

I can share with great pride that many of our amazing clients have also become close, personal friends. It could be that we treat our clients like friends, so they just end up becoming such. However, being boutique-sized doesn’t mean we don’t have remarkable capacity and abilities. Through our in-house staff and our trusted specialists, we can provide the wide variety of consulting, design and production services offered by a much larger advertising agency – usually at a lower cost than our competitors – a differentiator our clients also love.

Let’s chat. We gladly welcome your calls and inquiries. If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers, especially when they pertain to any particular marketing subject. You’ll know within minutes whether or not we’re a good match.

Wishing you and your company the very best,

Meet Our Leadership Team

We have specialists in every area of marketing, each uniquely qualified to meet your needs.
Ron Marshall

Ron Marshall

President - Partner

Patty Marshall

Patty Marshall

Vice President - Partner

Aaron Culbert

Aaron 'AC' Culbert

Creative & IT Director - Partner

Erin Goodman

Erin Goodman

Media Director - Partner

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