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Red Crow Marketing has over 18 years of experience in manufacturing marketing for Missouri businesses. MANUFACTURING

From spring suspensions production to dog food manufacturing, at Red Crow Marketing we have over 18 years of experience in the manufacturing marketing industry.


With an increase in technology, there is no question that marketing has changed, especially in the manufacturing industry. Relying solely on trade shows and one-on-one networking is not enough anymore. While industrial manufacturing marketing is often unique, new, and younger-generation buyers and engineers rely on the internet for advice and purchasing solutions.

Red Crow Marketing handles Manufacturing Marketing in Southwest Missouri

Today, buyers are searching for products and services on the internet before talking to anyone. This is far different from the past when people would meet face to face to discuss their options. Thus, industrial manufacturers must become savvier online and utilize digital marketing for their products and services.


The Content Marketing Institute found that the biggest reason for the lack of marketing in the manufacturing industry is due to lack of time. We understand you are busy and it is hard to stay up to date with all the current trends. Don’t let time hold you back from gaining more business and letting your competition win over your customers. Contact Red Crow Marketing in Springfield, MO today and we will develop a strategic marketing plan to fit your unique goals.

Marketing Advice for Manufacturers

Red Crow Marketing has been working with manufacturers, distributors, and engineers for more than a decade. Our B2B experts help industrial manufacturing companies like yours generate high quality leads at a lower cost per lead.


Our marketing plan process always begins with an initial discovery meeting to learn about your business, industry, challenges, and goals. From there, we develop a strategic marketing plan tailored specifically to your business and goals. Manufacturing or B2B marketing is different than consumer marketing and no two manufacturers are the same. Therefore, we do not believe in using the same plan for every business.

We take your industry and goals to develop a plan best suited for you. Then, we will begin executing the plan and evaluate/measure the plan as we go. We believe strongly in measuring the success of our marketing campaigns to see what works and what needs improvement. This is just one reason why our client-retention is 8 times higher than an average marketing or advertising agency.

Manufacturing Marketing Process from Red Crow Marketing in Springfield, Missouri


For the manufacturing industry, marketing isn’t just about flashy imagery and cute one-liners, it’s a crucial part of the business that touches prices, products, and sales. So it’s important to understand how to use marketing for your business’ success.


Are your products made from better material? Is your product better quality than your competitors? Can your product withstand more heat or weight? Videos can engagingly explain all that. This is why video advertising is a great tool for manufacturing marketing. It is an easy way to show product comparisons and demonstrate how your product is superior to another brand. This is something that is not easily shown by a print ad or even in a face to face meeting.


Since most buyers are turning to the internet to look for products first, you must have a quality online presence or you are missing out on customers. More than 90% of business-to-business buyers search online first. You need to have a quality web design that is optimized for SEO value. What does that mean? Your website must be user friendly, with relevant and well-written content. Also, customers must be able to find you. As manufacturing marketing has changed over the years, so have websites. It is not enough anymore to just have a website. Your website must contain the keywords your customers are searching for and the right amount of keywords, too. But, it doesn’t end there.

Along with using the right keywords throughout your website, you must also continuously update and produce new content. This includes regularly posting blogs and updating the content you have on your website. Do your customers have common questions? Writing blogs to answer common questions can help your products be found in a Google search and generate more leads.


While maybe not as popular as in the past, trade shows are still around and included in an effective manufacturing marketing plan. However, trade shows bring the unique challenge of getting noticed. At trade shows, your competitors are all around you. How can you stand out from your competitors when they are in the same area as you? You can gain the upper hand by creating a well-designed stand and booth setup to print materials such as brochures, banners, and everything in between. A noticeable booth and professionally prepared marketing collateral can create a lasting impression on your target audience.


Email marketing is another great way to reach your potential and existing customers. Using an email marketing campaign, you can target customers that open your email or even click on links within your email.


Are you using social media? If not, you are missing out on connecting with customers and potential customers. Social media is a cost-efficient way to highlight new products, showcase new trends in the industry, and communicate directly with customers.



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