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Your website is your most important marketing tool.

If you have an outdated website without modern search engine compatibility, potential customers may never find you – they’ll only see your competitors. Red Crow Marketing web design will get your business in front of potential customers when they’re looking.


See how you rank now!

Our web design packages are:

Created to engage, educate and convert
   – a fancy word for sell
   – helps get you a higher search position
Programmed for advanced analytic measurement
   – tells you what customers look at
4 different packages matched to your company’s needs
Makes your brand look like a rock star!

Other services we offer include:

Online analytic monitoring
Affordable web maintenance plans
Hosting, email, and domains
E-commerce – shopping cart and checkout functions
Search Engine Optimization programs
Live chat – like the one on our site
Visitor identification – this is spooky

Website 101 – A good web design must:


Most people leave a website in a few seconds without clicking on anything else.

If you can’t engage – you won’t compel.
If you don’t compel – you won’t sell.

Your web design must get their attention fast, and keep them there as long as it can.

Make Search Engines Happy (SEO):

The better the quality, the more visible your website will become. The quality and organization of your web design directly affects how well visitors can find it. Effective SEO (search engine optimization) practices can make your website stand out from the clutter. By being listed higher in the result pages of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines, you can stop wasting unnecessary expenses on other, less effective marketing programs.


As internet use continues to skyrocket, more potential prospects will visit your website to:

Educate themselves about your product or service
Judge the credibility of your business
Compare you to the dozens of other options at their fingertips

Provide Measurement:

You must build in measurability. This is the only way you can see where you’re succeeding and where you need to improve in moving prospects into customers. You must also have a specific and actionable set of goals for your visitors; then focus your web design around those goals.


You need to move your website visitors from just visiting to buying (or whatever conversion you’re looking for). You not only need to determine exactly what actions you’d like your visitors to take after they arrive on your site, you also need to gain an understanding of the steps that will most likely get them there. Do you know what your conversion goals are?

Maintaining Your Website:
Once you build it, you must maintain it.

Online rules are continually changing, particularly for websites and their SEO quality. Even the best website’s performance deteriorates without regular updates to stay current and competitive, and keep your search rankings as high as possible. We can help you with a plan to keep your website tuned up to compete online!

Studies show more than 65% of consumers have changed their mind about a brand or company based on the company’s website. 97% of that group said the company’s web design directly affected their decision to purchase a product or service.

Web design isn’t as simple as it seems.

Building them can be easy… sort of.  Creating a pretty web design isn’t too difficult… sometimes.
Making everything come together and work well for your business is much more complex.
When properly planned, your web design can use the incredible power of analytical data not only for itself, but for your traditional advertising as well.

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