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Recruitment Challenges? How Good Marketing can Help Manufacturers

Recruitment Challenges?
How Good Marketing Can Help Manufacturers.

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According to our primary research conducted through members of MAM and the 2023 Wisconsin Manufacturing report, most manufacturing executives said finding and attracting qualified employees was the number one concern during 2023. We’ll cover some tips that you can use to recruit the right candidates to join your company.


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What Is Good Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment marketing is the process of advertising and promoting your company’s brand throughout the recruitment life cycle in order to attract AND retain the right talent. Online media placement is one of the most effective ways to do this. You’ll need to put the right message on the right platform in front of the right audience.

The right talent is out there! You just need to get in front of them or get them to come to you. To make it happen, you’ll need to develop a recruitment funnel. It’s an essential part of positioning your company to attract new hires.

Leverage Online Advertising for Recruitment

Placing ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites is a great way to reach your target audience: future manufacturing employees. However, not every social media platform deserves the same amount of attention and money. Your core demographic isn’t as likely to be on Pinterest as on Facebook or Reddit.

Your ads should show, not tell. Potential employees want to be able to see themselves succeeding at your company. Paint them a clear picture. Video ads are an excellent choice due to their higher engagement rates and ability to convey large amounts of visual information quickly.

Build a High-Impact Website

Your website is the first place strangers will interact with your brand. It is a reflection of your company. If it does not make a strong first impression that compels you to stay and investigate, it will not do what it should. At Red Crow Marketing, we like to build “Sticky” websites, meaning once you arrive, you spend some time there.

Your website must quickly speak to prospective employees. It needs to have a clear message of what you’re about, which includes your values, impact, mission, and where you’re headed as a company.

Make it user-friendly, not just pretty to look at. Your website’s user experience (UX) should make it easy for people to submit their resumes or directly contact a hiring manager. It should also give enough information about what to expect when they join the company.

Consider showcasing real photos of workers on the job or images of your workplace. This informs prospective employees about the role and offers a more authentic representation of who you are as a business.

SEO Helps Recruitment

Having a great website doesn’t mean much when people can’t see it on Google. That’s where investing in search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play. An experienced SEO specialist will be able to craft a unique strategy to ensure your pages are showing up to the right people.

Once your website pages are optimized to funnel the right type of internet traffic to them, your on-page user experience will do the heavy lifting, guiding them into your recruitment funnel where perspective employees can decide if you’re the right fit or not.

Create Unique Content to Show Your Unique Value

Don’t do what everyone else is doing! In today’s marketing atmosphere, there are almost unlimited possibilities for content creation and placement. While Red Crow Marketing can help determine the best platforms for your brand, we often recommend creating content in the form of blogs, videos, or infographics that reflect your company’s unique characteristic that have high-value to perspective employees. Use employee testimonials, team photos, and videos of your workplace to bolster your brand’s messaging and showcase the reality of working for your company.

Build Digital Assets with Graphic Design

Graphic Designer SEO experts agree. Creating digital assets is the best way to drive eyeballs to your website. These can be anything from blogs, infographics, or videos to whatever else can engage and inform a user. These digital assets should tie into your value proposition and highlight why working at your company is a great choice for talented, driven individuals.

Graphic Design is at the heart of creating a high-quality digital asset that your ideal audience (prospective employees) and Google will love.

Paying for graphic design services from an agency is financially advantageous. You’ll get exceptionally well-done graphics that also tap into consumer psychology. Well-crafted designs can bolster your chances of attracting the right talent to your industrial company.

Final Tip: Want the Right People? Do the Right Things

Again, don’t do what everybody else is doing! Even if what you offer is really not that different that what competitors offer, separate yourself with a unique message and approach. It is okay to get creative, because if you don’t, you’re simply in a bidding war with other employers.

Good marketing and a consistent brand message are just one part of the equation; the other part is your company’s internal operations.

Do an audit of your company’s culture and work methods. This may include taking a look at your onboarding process, work environment, and so forth. Take these things into account before you start marketing. If you do, you’ll have a stronger chance of attracting and retaining the best talent in the manufacturing business.

Outsource Recruitment Marketing to the Experts

Red Crow Marketing Bird Red Crow has over twenty years of creating holistic digital marketing campaign strategies for manufacturing companies looking to have their unique brand recognized. Whether it’s through the strategic use of media placement, social media marketing, website design, or tradeshow events, we craft a compelling image for your core audience. Our clients have seen proven results.

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