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10 Ways to Choose the Right SEO Company for Your Business

10 Ways to Choose the Right SEO Company for Your Business

In an ocean of search engine optimization service providers desperately vying for your business’s time, attention, and money, choosing the right SEO company can get tedious.

Nevertheless, if you want to improve your website’s online visibility and rank dramatically, finding a reliable SEO service provider is a critical step in improving your website’s online visibility.

In today’s post, we’ll cover some essential tips to consider when shopping for an SEO agency.

Research SEO Companies Online

First, familiarize yourself with SEO basics. Don’t get lost in the tedious details. You want a general understanding of what SEO is before you start looking to hire an agency.

Once you’ve found a few companies or freelancers, create a list. You do it on paper or on an Excel sheet. As you explore these companies, looking at their websites and testimonials, mark each one off the list step by step. Once you have a sizable list, you can narrow it down by various criteria, from a company’s price point to its likeability on the initial call; you name it.

Reputation is Everything

Perhaps the most significant thing to watch for is a company’s reputation and history of working with clients. The best way to dig into this is to investigate their online reviews and learn how they do business. Look into how long they’ve been doing business and how long clients tend to stay with them.

Choose an Ethical SEO Provider

Portrait of serene hacker having clue for stealing information from laptop. Technology and theft conceptAny company dabbling in black-hat SEO techniques (tactics that get you penalized by Google) shouldn’t be taken seriously. Although shady tactics can work in the short term, they risk you getting penalized by Google, leading to decreased online visibility in the end.


The risk isn’t worth the short-term reward!

Consider Your Budget

Not all SEO agencies charge the same rate. Look at your budget and consider the prices within your local market. Ask yourself, “Can I afford this right now?” Look at the various agency price packages. Are there any fees or contracts? If so, what are they? If you have a new business, SEO may not be the first online marketing project to pursue.

SEO services aren’t meant to grow your business overnight. Quality SEO service is like fueling a small fire to make it burn brighter.

Watch Out for Over-the-Top Guarantees

There are plenty of “too-good-to-be-true” offers out there. SEO companies and freelancers will boast about ranking your website on the first page or getting a massive spike in leads overnight. But in reality, that rarely happens. It can take months to rank on Google, depending on your industry’s competitiveness, the domain’s age, and over 200 hundred other constantly evolving factors.

The best way to develop a keen eye for differentiating good versus inadequate SEO services is to get clear on what you want and what most SEO services offer. You want to establish a solid frame of reference when encountering exaggerated promises and claims. Write down a list of your goals and expectations. You’ll also want to note what the company is promising and what the standard SEO results typically are for your industry.

Beware of SEO Scams

Sadly, the SEO industry is brimming with many less-than-reputable service providers. When choosing an agency, you must watch out for a few red flags, lest you fall victim to a scam. A typical SEO scam is when they convince you to sign a monthly contract, deliver work during the first month, and then coast along for the remainder of your contract, giving you the bare minimum.

Overwhelming promises that fall under anything that resembles the “cheapest, fastest, and easiest” way to get results are likely just bait. Overnight rankings don’t exist. SEO is a slow burn that gets results gradually through diligent, systematic effort.

Ask About SEO Techniques and Strategies

Good SEO companies adhere to best practices and don’t resort to shady tactics. Do your homework before you get on a call. This way, you will know what is generally considered “bad practice” in the SEO industry.

When you talk with a prospective SEO company, ask them about their knowledge of ranking algorithms and how they get results. Remember to make sure that they don’t use black-hat SEO tactics or shady algorithmic manipulations. These practices often do more harm than good.

Ask Them How Success is Measured

Charts and Measurements of SEO success Your SEO company should give you more than a templated monthly report. You shouldn’t just get a set of numbers and vanity metrics but a substantial analysis of why those numbers make sense and how the agency will continue adapting to the numbers they see.

Ask about the reporting methods and how you’ll get updated when you start working with them. You always want to be in the loop, never in the dark. If you ever think, “What am I paying these guys for again?” it’s time to reconsider your options.

One-Size-Fits-All or Custom Service

If an agency is giving you a cookie-cutter approach to monthly SEO work, look elsewhere. You need a company that will adapt its services to your unique business needs and goals, creatively working to reach your business goals in an ethical way. Every business and industry is unique and needs a unique plan crafted for them.

Look for Transparency and Communication

Transparency and communication are the pillars of a great agency-client relationship. You need to trust that your company maintains your best interests. A big part of trust-building is clear means of timely communication.

Before you work with an SEO agency, consider asking these questions:

  • Are they communicative and willing to clearly explain the work being done?
  • How will they update me on the work they accomplish each month?
  • Do I get to see the work being done, or will I have to take their word for it?

Want a Local SEO Partner in Springfield, Missouri?

At Red Crow Marketing, you are not just a number but a partner. We focus on transparency, collaboration, and streamlined workflows that keep you in the loop while not taking time away from running your business. Book a call or learn more about our local SEO services.

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