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Top SEO Trends in 2024: What to Watch For

The Top SEO Trends in 2024: What to Watch For

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For 2024, you can expect the top SEO trends to include the following:

  • AI is shaping content to be more conversational
  • E-E-A-T (Google wants content that displays expertise, experience, authority, and trustworthiness)
  • Machine learning algorithms are creating more niche, relevant search results

The online marketing landscape is changing rapidly. Over the past year, the hype around AI and its impact on digital marketing, especially search engine optimization, has sucked all of the oxygen out of the room. AI has been the centerpiece of conversation.

In today’s post, we’ll discuss the top SEO trends for 2024 and how these may impact you as both a professional and business owner looking for SEO help.


AI Will Make Content Creation a Challenge

There are two ways to rank a website: content and links. In today’s competitive online search landscape, where most businesses and brands desperately want to show up on Google (the most widely used search engine), you can’t afford to publish average content.

Any AI bot can draft up something generic. You’ll need something unique. A myriad of AI tools are squeezing the SEO industry, making it harder for the average person just to start a blog on their business’s website, hit publish, and get consistent traffic from their ideal customer. If only it were so easy.

Content can’t stop at being well-written and grammatically correct. It has to be helpful to the user, keep the reader engaged, and offer a quick solution or unique perspective before that person’s short attention span leads them away from your website.


Create Expert Content

The best workaround is creating content with a unique angle or alternative spin. You might try including a quote from a member of your staff who has experience with a particular product or service. The more expert your content is, the more it will be rewarded.


Do Additional Content Research

Get ahead of keyword research tool data. Many professional SEO research tools showcase what’s called a lagging indicator, data that is a bit behind what people are searching for in real time. This means that those long-tail keywords showcasing zero search volume aren’t useless. People are, in fact, typing them into Google.

So try doing additional topic research on Quora, Reddit, TikTok, or similar user-generated forums to see what people are searching for as it relates to your industry. Take what you find and create a helpful blog post or video.


Choose Zero Volume or Trending Keywords

Ask yourself, “What do look-alike audiences in your field search for?” Consider creating content that aligns with it, even if it supposedly has “zero search volume” on Google. Over time, you’ll end up ranking for multiple search queries and boosting your overall brand visibility.


The Demand for Hands-On, Unique Content Will Surge

Business Person writing

Thanks to the plethora of AI-generated content flooding the web, looking at the top websites on Google’s search results, reading them, and creating a look-alike blog just won’t cut it.

Ranking on Google and getting eyeballs on your brand will demand more effort. The best way to do this is to create unique content around a business’s core product or service. For example, if it’s a particular product, show a photo or video of a member of your staff using the product, talking about it, and providing informative feedback on it. This satisfies Google’s desire for content that is informative, helpful, authoritative, and unique — all at the same time.


Backlinks Will be More Important Than Ever

Consider this: If everyone is creating good content and using AI tools like ChatGPT, what is there to set you apart from the competition? There’s only one thing left after unique content: backlinks.

It’s known that backlinks have always been an essential part of ranking. Nothing new there. But in 2024, having a higher number of better-quality links will set you apart from the competition. For this reason, SEO campaigns will inevitably be forced to dedicate a more substantial investment to link acquisition — a time-consuming and often expensive process.


Ranking a Website Will Require Taking a Holistic Approach

According to some industry thought leaders, like Amanda Jordan, SEO Strategy Director at Rickety Roo, SEO success is going to come down to creating a broad online ecosystem for your business’s brand.

In other words, a company should focus on establishing itself across various platforms online, which means leveraging paid ads, social media, and traditional SEO tactics for a more substantial organic search presence.


Search Traffic Will Shift Platforms

Although the majority of organic searches still come from Google, many customers are searching for things on alternative platforms like TikTok, Pinterest, Reddit, and YouTube shorts. This dispersion of traffic to multiple platforms will require marketers to adapt. Due to this, key performance indicators (KPIs) will need to be readjusted, reevaluated, and analyzed in tandem with more traditional metrics.


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E-E-A-T stands for Expertise, Experience, Authority, and Trustworthiness. Google prioritizes content displaying these qualities, making it essential for SEO success in 2024.

To strike this balance, businesses can focus on injecting personalization, unique perspectives, and hands-on experiences into their content, ensuring it stands out from generic AI-generated material.

These forums offer insights into real-time user queries and trends, allowing businesses to create content that directly addresses the needs and interests of their target audience beyond traditional keyword research.

Metrics like engagement rates, shares, and comments may gain prominence when assessing success on alternative platforms alongside more traditional SEO metrics like organic traffic and keyword rankings.

Building authority involves consistently creating and sharing high-quality, informative content, engaging with the audience on social media, and actively participating in industry discussions and events.

Businesses can achieve this by conducting keyword research, understanding user intent, incorporating natural language in their content, and consistently updating and improving their material to stay relevant in the eyes of both AI and human users.

Creating content with a unique angle or alternative spin, such as including quotes from experienced staff, enhances expertise and increases the likelihood of being rewarded by search engines.

According to industry experts, creating a broad online ecosystem by leveraging various platforms like paid ads, social media, and traditional SEO tactics is crucial for establishing a substantial organic search presence and ensuring SEO success.

Creating content with a unique angle or alternative spin, such as including quotes from experienced staff, enhances expertise and increases the likelihood of being rewarded by search engines.

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