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8 Advantages of Hiring A Social Media Marketing Agency

8 Advantages of Hiring A Social Media Marketing Agency

Social media’s impact is enormous, and it continues to grow. At the onset, it was a digital billboard for your brand. Today, it’s much more.

It’s a direct connection with your ideal customers—a scenario that’s good for you AND good for them. When communication flows both ways, it can be a pathway to powerful insights directly from real customers.

The key question is, how can your business harness the power of social media? That’s where a social media marketing agency comes in.

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What Is A Social Media Marketing Agency?

Modern consumers’ spending habits strongly suggest that when it comes to purchasing decisions, social media matters! However, this unpredictable digital landscape is ever-changing and difficult to navigate. And it’s crowded.

Unless you have plenty of extra time and energy to research best practices, create compelling content, and publish regularly on multiple platforms, your best bet is employing a team of experts to manage your online presence. Staffed by experts who can quickly analyze your business’s needs, they are armed with a suite of tools to manage your company’s online presence.

How A Social Media Agency Can Help You

1) Brand Awareness

A social media marketing agency can be an effective solution for creating consistent brand awareness. By presenting a crafted and refined brand image, a team of professionals can help you connect with your core customers in fresh, exciting ways.

Generating buzz about new products, sharing info about your brand, promoting existing products, strengthening brand identity—these are just a few of the options. Social media is also a key method for discovering new audiences.

2) Customer Service

Man Performing Social Media Agency Customer Service

In today’s culture of immediate gratification, top-notch customer service via social media is a key part of an omnichannel support strategy. Consumers expect quick responses to their direct messages, trusting brands to resolve their issues with swift, helpful, personalized responses. More than three-quarters of consumers expect a response within 24 hours!

Internal customer support teams may struggle to manage this work, especially if they’re already overburdened. Your customer-facing agency can unify social channels into a single stream, allowing them to monitor and respond to incoming messages. Customer satisfaction increases, and your brand’s reputation for being responsive and attentive is enhanced.

3) Information Dissemination

An experienced marketing agency can quickly disseminate information through social media when necessary. Whether you have a new and exciting product or service, an under-promoted sale, or unexpected hours, social media is the first place to send out short-term information.

Some messaging can be tricky; that’s when it pays to trust the experts. Crisis communications can be extremely important to disperse as quickly as possible, in order to stay in front of a potential problem or PR issue.

As Warren Buffett said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to lose it.”

4) Recruitment Efforts

To stand out in a sea of employers, your online presence needs to breathe life into your brand. Your brand identity will better resonate with top talent if you share your company’s mission, describe your values, and showcase your company culture. Social media is a great way to communicate your brand’s perception among users and influencers…and also among potential employees.

Recruiters and job seekers use social media sites like LinkedIn to find potential employers. According to the site, nearly 50 million people use the platform for job search every week! That’s just one example of the power of social media marketing.

Here at Red Crow, we have written a number of pieces about recruitment marketing efforts—see how they apply to your recruitment programs.

5) Diversification of Your Target Market

Target Market

Brands understand their customers better by engaging with them more directly. On social media, opportunities for engagement abound. Using these channels to communicate with customers gives valuable insights. You can learn what their priorities are and what real-world uses they put your products to. The better you understand your audience, the easier it is to produce products and services that they’ll benefit from.

Another benefit of social media marketing is its reach. Having an online presence immediately takes you beyond your local boundaries, opening up a world of possibilities. Since the internet has no borders, your brands can find followers all across the world.

6) Dedicated Resources

A top-notch social media agency has all the tools and expertise to produce your ad campaigns under one roof—there’s no need to buy new equipment or software. And it’s not just the physical resources; you’re also benefiting from the experience the agency has developed working with clients like you. That’s why it’s such a great service!

At Red Crow Marketing, we have our own in-house video production studio, talented graphic artists, experienced copywriters, and branding experts at the ready.

7) Time Management

Hours quickly accumulate when you start micro-managing your social media channels. If you’ve tried it, you know about the “time suck” of platform management, content generation, image searches, and graphic production.

You’ve heard the advice: focus on your strengths. As a leader, you can better own your role managing primary services and products…and you can better serve your company by employing an agency to handle social media.

8) Reporting and Feedback

Social Media Marketing Agency Reports

The social media landscape is complex. How do customers know an agency’s social media management is a benefit? That’s exactly the kind of question they expect, and they’re equipped to create customized reporting to help illustrate those advantages.

In this reporting, your agency will clearly define any key metrics that show your social media marketing is growing your business and potential prospects. As you discuss this feedback during your partnership, the agency will advise you on improvements in strategy.

For instance, say a company initiates a review of its ad spending. Their social media marketing agency digs into the data and finds that their spending on LinkedIn is unproductive. However, they also find that their spending on Instagram is having a positive effect, producing three times the return.

That analysis will drive a new strategy that emphasizes Instagram more. The marketing agency will also keep tracking that change so they can tell what’s working and what’s not and when it’s time to make another tweak to the strategy.

Social Media Agencies and Small Business

Think your company is too small to benefit from social media marketing services? Think again! Even the smallest of brands can show considerable growth through a well-thought-out social media strategy that is implemented effectively. As shown, there are many advantages to partnering with a top-notch social media marketing agency.

That’s where your local experts come in. Here at Red Crow Marketing, we work with large manufacturers, medium-sized healthcare providers, and fun-size mom-and-pop startups. We’ve proven that great results can come from any size of business.

Let’s discuss what Red Crow Marketing can do for you.

Red Crow Marketing – Social Media Agency in Springfield, MO

Red Crow Marketing Bird Red Crow marketing has been in business for over 20 years. We have offered services for our clients on all major social media platforms that existed during those years, even some platforms that have since been abandoned. We have the expertise, tools, and resources to provide a social media program that will suit your needs.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can benefit your business.

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