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Times have changed, and so has video advertising and advertising in general. COVID-19 changed the way the world views advertising. Normal marketing and advertising that worked before the COVID-19 outbreak, is not working the same now.

COVID-19 Video Advertising - Red Crow Marketing

Billboard and print advertising are still useful but aren’t as effective. Digital and video advertising have proven to be the best route to take during these uncertain and ever-changing times. As you work from home, self-isolate, and stay safe, it is the perfect time to plan and schedule out your company’s video advertising/production.


The use of video advertising is on the rise due to stay-at-home orders and physical contact prohibited. Media consumption is expected to increase by 60 percent.

According to a recent article by Marketing Charts, “The majority (89%) of marketers surveyed say they will look to coronavirus related reasons such as relaxing of social distancing, a slowing of new cases of the virus in the US, and no new cases of the virus in the US. Until then, media buyers are adding to budgets such as paid social (64%), digital video (44%), linear cable TV (43%) and OTT/CTV (43%), while some are reallocating budgets to linear broadcast TV (38%) and e-commerce (33%).”

The steps the government and people have taken to flatten the curve changes things. The restrictions prevent customers from walking into stores or meeting face to face to view products. Video presentations are the most effective way for them to see how a certain product or service will perform.


Red Crow Marketing - Video Advertising During COVID-19

If your company is focusing more on public relations than sales during these times, or just wants to communicate a message of support, video production is the way to go. Creating a commercial or social media video is great for branding and demonstrating how your company is adapting to the times.

A video can also be useful to show how your company is supporting employees and the local community, doing what it can to slow the spread and aiding healthcare workers (if that’s something your company is capable of doing; e.g. producing hand sanitizer, face masks, gloves, etc.)


A lot of videos you can produce yourself; expectations for some forms of video are low. For certain types of video such as an “on the street ” message, professional video production is not always necessary. Other times, audiences will expect professional production. Anything less than professional video production can harm an audience’s impression of your company’s brand quality. You DON’T want your audience to see your video and ask the question “Is THAT what that company thinks is a good ad?” or “What a stupid ad!” If they question your marketing collateral quality, they will question your professionalism and it will cast suspicion on the quality of your offerings.

Hiring a video ad agency, more specifically one capable of video production in Springfield, MO, to create content is the best and safest way to go about using video.

Since COVID-19, it is difficult to get an entire team together to showcase product functions or services. Therefore, the easiest (and increasingly more popular) way to produce video advertising for your company will be through videos with text, photo and animation. A combination of these with existing media/video would be best to give it that high-quality feel your business craves.

COVID-19 Online Video Ads - Red Crow Marketing


Good marketers know how to adapt. As we mentioned before, what worked in the past does not work now. What is working now might not work in the future. Your company may have relied on print advertising and personal interactions to showcase products and communicate messages. However, those are not possible options at the moment. Staying up to date on popular trends and researching and viewing data for any useful insight, is essential in creating successful marketing strategies from this point on. It is also essential to understand how customer behaviors affect your business. This is predicated on your company’s ability to create quality video production and video advertising.

Video will always be best for communicating with consumers and maintaining relationships with existing customers. Now is the time to think about your company’s long-term marketing strategy. Video production will be backlogged as more is requested. Therefore, the planning of any anticipated messages should start right away. To learn more about video production or video advertising for your company, contact Red Crow Marketing. Together we’ll come out of this crisis with a full head of marketing steam.

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