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How Search Engine Marketing Can Separate and Elevate Your Business

How Search Engine Marketing Can Separate and Elevate Your Business

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You want to be found when your potential customers search for your services. To do that, you need a strategic, comprehensive search engine marketing (SEM) plan. There are many ways to get your ads in front of future customers and increase leads, but if you need to see results quickly, SEM is your most effective option.

Why Search Engine Marketing?

Reaching the best potential buyers is about getting your ads placed where they count the most: at the top of the search results page. With a search engine marketing strategy, you set your budget and only pay when your ad is clicked on. This pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is what makes SEM an effective way to reach your target customers.

The great thing about SEM is that businesses of all stages and sizes can benefit. Your digital marketing agency will work closely with you to create, launch, and manage your ad campaign. With an effective strategy, your business can reach millions of new desktop or mobile users.

SEM Finds You Prime SERP Real Estate

The first five results of the search engine results page (SERP) are the most sought-after space of each Google or Bing search. Because of its high visibility, businesses in those positions already have a substantial edge over the competition. 28% of Google search users click on the #1 result, and that percentage drops to a dismal 2.5% by the time you see #10. You can forget about the second page. These ad spots are prime real estate to capture the attention of your future customers.

Top search engine marketing platforms include Google, Bing, YouTube, and Amazon. You can create visually stunning ads to capture your customer’s attention on these platforms. These can be small, text-based ads, product listing or shopping ads, visual/at-a-glance ads, map ads, and more.

How Search engine marketing Cost Works

If the keywords in your ad match the search term your customer is researching, then your ad appears in the coveted top spots of the results page. You pay nothing to be there; you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad and only for what you agreed to pay. This is where PPC (pay-per-click) gets its name. You only pay for each click you receive.

Accounts are usually free to set up, and pre or post-pay options are available. You can easily control costs by pausing your ad campaign at any time, targeting strategic keywords, and maintaining a budget while bidding for a keyword.

But if every business like yours has a search engine marketing strategy, how do you end up at the top of the results page? Other advertisers may be targeting the exact keywords as you—the more popular the keyword, the more competitive the bidding price. The amount you choose to bid on your keywords elevates your ad above all others. Higher bid = Higher positioning. So, choose your keywords and bids carefully, and match them to what you feel best represents your business and customers.

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Target and Measure Your SEM Success

You can also use SEM targeting to zero in on your most relevant customers. For instance, if females over 40 mainly use your product, you can effectively direct your ads to women over 40. You know who your best customers are and where they’re located. With a search engine marketing strategy in place, you can control whom your ads reach, when they see them, and how your ads reach them. Your digital marketing experts will help you fine-tune your targeting down to the city. Using these filters to target relevant customers can avoid unnecessary spending and reduce dead leads.

After some time, you should utilize the reporting tools available to help optimize your future campaign efforts. Your marketing agency can help you see which strategies worked best and what you’ve learned about your customers’ search habits and adjust accordingly.

Search engine marketing Success Starts with Red Crow

Develop your search engine marketing plan and reach more customers online with Red Crow Marketing. We work closely with you to identify and optimize your campaigns to maximize ROI and reduce expenses. Schedule a meeting with us today, and we’ll help you determine the best digital strategy to meet your goals and reach your audience.


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