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Marketing a Laparoscopic Surgery Program

Marketing a Surgical and Surgery Program

Surgery. The word itself is unsettling to many people. Fear of going “under the knife” can make marketing a surgical program an unpleasant and difficult challenge, despite the fact that surgery is often the best and most efficient form of treatment.

Fortunately, the advancements in laparoscopic tools and methods offer a less invasive option that appeals to many patients. Some healthcare marketers suggest branding these procedures as “Short Stay Surgery” programs, as well as highlighting the top benefits through advertising and direct communication with patients.

Surgery with Shorter Hospital Stays:

In many cases, patients undergoing laparoscopic procedures are released within 24 hours. It is often the dread of a long recovery that forces many people to prolong or put off a necessary operation, so this selling point is one that will likely resonate well.

Minimized Risks:

Although there are risks associated with any surgical program, laparoscopic surgeries often come with less risk of infection, less scarring, and faster recovery time with fewer complications. By communicating these benefits clearly, marketing teams can help physicians better educate their patients on procedures to help alleviate fears.
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