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Jingles That Stick – Increase Your Brand Recall in Seconds

Jingles That Stick – Increase Your Brand Recall in Seconds

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A good jingle is catchy. A great jingle will take up a permanent residence inside your head. What’s the best part of waking up? Folger’s in your cup. Did Oscar Meyer teach you how to spell bologna? These are brands with jingles that you can instantly recite word-for-word. While we understand that a jingle may not be the best fit for every brand, it can be a powerful advertising tool for the right company.

That’s great for big, national brands, but how can a jingle production company help my local business? Here are just a few examples of how we at Red Crow have helped local businesses gain exceptional brand recognition in Southwest Missouri:


You may not know us, but you sure know our jingles. Check out more of our successful samples here, too!

How Jingles Benefit Your Business

A truly successful jingle will transport its audience and encourage them to buy. It doesn’t have to be award-winning, but you do need something that will stick with your customers.

Audio Increases Attention and Recall – Catchy audio is an instantly recognizable branding element. A good, hard-to-forget tune can help consumers recall 86% of words verbatim as opposed to 76% in spoken advertisements.

Audio Improves Advertising ROI With an increase in memory recall, your brands require fewer ads. Balancing the line between a memorable jingle and a bothersome one is important, and with the help of an experienced jingle production company, you can spend less and increase efficiency.

Audio Can be Used Anywhere – Attach it to a post, use it as background audio to a video, incorporate it into a radio ad, in a commercial, on social media, and so on. Your opportunities to increase brand recognition are endless.

Audio is A Chance to Define Your Business – How do you choose to represent your brand? Your jingle can be fun, serious, or dramatic, outline your services, provide contact information, and much, much more. This is your opportunity to express your company spirit in song.


Jingle Production In Today’s Market

Today, many companies are licensing trendy music to represent their brand. This modern relationship between artist and company is mutually beneficial – the brand gets a popular song while the musical artist receives additional revenue and exposure.

However, brands run the risk of attaching themselves to unpredictable disasters. If that artist or song becomes irreversibly associated with negative media, that creates an onset of problems. Do you dissolve your brand partnership? Do you try to rebuild your recognition with a new one? Does this run the risk of confusing your customers even more? Sounds like a PR nightmare.

Originality matters. Especially in this digital age where you have to stand out to fit in. Jingles were once the gold standard in advertising, everyone had one. Now, if a jingle production company like Red Crow helps you create the perfectly singable, memorable, original jingle, your brand is set to become the next leader in your market. Not to mention, you completely own the rights to your tune.

sound engineer in recording booth Red Crow Could Be Your Next Jingle Production Company

An important element to a strong media campaign is top-of-mind awareness. With the option of 60, 30, 15, or 10-second jingle versions, we help you develop a strong strategy and plan for success.

Our goal is to own that coveted recall space in listeners’ minds that will lead them to you when the time comes. For more information on how Red Crow can do just that, contact us today. We can’t wait to meet with you!

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