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Industrial Video Marketing

Industrial Video Marketing

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Video marketing has become essential for most industries to acquire and even retain current customers. Videos tell a story that often cannot be told as well through text or static images alone. Also, videos can be powerful when there is no chance to tell your story face to face with a client or prospect.

This is especially true in the industrial and manufacturing industries. Today, decision-makers are more challenging to reach. Most decision-makers now research their options online instead of meeting with many different sales representatives. Video marketing can help get your foot in the door and have a fair chance against competitors.

Often, industries use video production for certain products, specifications, and processes that are difficult to explain. Demonstrations and up-close examinations present your products through many different channels. These channels include your website, emails, presentations, trade shows, etc.


The main benefit of video marketing is that people prefer watching videos to reading about products. In fact, 59% of decision-makers within a company would rather watch a video promoting a product or service than read an article or blog post dedicated to it. This is an opportunity where a strategic, well-thought-out advertising and manufacturing marketing campaign is beneficial. Service companies, OEMs, and distributors can find it highly effective for their sales. Also, 90% of inquirers haven’t made up their minds about a brand when they begin their search. Therefore, quality video marketing can go a long way to swaying these potential customers one way or another.


There are various other reasons why it is now essential to utilize video marketing. The main reason is to sway decision-makers toward a specific product or service. However, creating product and service videos can also build prospect confidence in a new manufacturer or supplier. More and more prospects are moving away from reading long product articles and reviews (at least during initial research). This is why video advertising has become a vital tool. Effective manufacturing marketing today is catchy and attention-grabbing. Therefore, a certain level of video quality is required to promote trust in a brand/company. This also encourages action, so relationships can ultimately develop. There is no better way to catch someone’s attention than with detailed graphics and videos centered on a powerful message.


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Factory and Facility Tours: Videos are an excellent tool for showing processes, production methods, unique capabilities, and competitive advantages. Custom manufacturers can impress potential customers with tours highlighting the facilities and personnel driving the business. OEMs and distributors can use video marketing to their advantage. Videos displaying the range of products that set them apart from competitors can be produced. Some facilities cannot give in-person tours due to risks, regulations, time constraints, or other reasons. This is when a video tour is the best way to get their message out.

Product Demonstrations: Product and service demonstration videos showcase the essential features and benefits potential customers need to know. The demonstration videos can be used as a side-by-side competitor comparison. When used in the form of a side-by-side competitor comparison, the video is practically doing the sales team’s work for them.

Explanations and Tutorials: The customer needs to know how to use a specific product after building a relationship and sales start to occur. This is when “How-to” videos are helpful. This content is beneficial to educate and support customers. Ultimately, it would drive them to become repeat customers. How-to videos give detailed instructions for a product. This gives customers a sense of comfort with their purchase and painting the selling company in a skilled, knowledgeable light.

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The applications for video marketing are endless, especially in the industrial and manufacturing industries. From tours, demonstrations, and tutorials to testimonials, leadership lectures, and email updates, videos are helpful for every company. Contact Red Crow Marketing to see how video marketing can be of use to your business.

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