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How to Turn Your Employees into Brand Ambassadors

Turn your employees into Brand Ambassadors!

Turning Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors are making a comeback.

Employee recruitment and retention is challenging. Traditional help wanted ads are expensive and ineffective. Online sites such as Indeed, CareerBuilder and Glass Door have made it easier for employment prospects to find and compare employment opportunities. Today, employers must seek more effective solutions.

Employee Advocacy is a Powerful Tool

This competitive landscape has given rise to seek existing employees assistance with new employee hires and retention. The benefits of inspiring employees to become good brand ambassadors are many. They include:

  • increased profitability
  • lower churn of customers and employees
  • increased referrals
  • lower marketing expense, etc.

The advantages go on and on. Employee brand ambassadorship is a critical objective every company should try to achieve.

What is a “Brand Ambassador?”

According to Wikipedia “a brand ambassador (sometimes also called a corporate ambassador) is a person…to represent a brand in a positive light and by doing so help to increase brand awareness and sales.”

Another agreeable definitions of a employee brand ambassador:

  • Lives the brand by consistently demonstrating quality service.
  • Is well-trained and able to answer almost any question regarding the brand, or can help to obtain the answers.
  • Sort of hybrid between a public relations and a human resources representative.
  • Extremely friendly and outgoing, always shows a desire to perform and spreads the name of your product to the general public.

A capable employeee brand ambassador should be the walking, talking embodiment of the product they represent. Wouldn’t it be great if all our employees did this? A great goal, to be sure, but the odds are tough.

Two Approaches to Creative Employee Brand Ambassadors

We believe there are two (2) primary methods to turn employees into Brand Ambassadors: The Program Approach and the Organic Approach.

The Program Brand Ambassador Approach

The Program Approach is a more conventional, training-based method. Many organizations are using, or have used, this method. Of the two, this is the simplest to implement and digest, and the easiest to sell to leadership. The program approach is primarily achieved through the following:

  • Continuous training
  • Communication
  • Personalized attention
  • Promotion
  • A bit of individual recognition

The Organic Brand Ambassador Approach

The Organic Approach is far more complex. It’s an initiative that requires a holistic, company-wide approach. Done correctly, it can create far more employee ambassadors and collateral benefits than the Program method. Additionally, it is more sustainable. However, it is also more difficult to implement, digest and sell to leadership.

Motivating and inspiring employees requires many things. These are five of the most important.

Five T’s to Create Employee Brand Ambassadors

We believe there are five critical stages in achieving Organic employee advocacy and loyalty. The stages are like a chain because one weak link will likely cause total failure. The chain must be strong on every level,


  • You must feel that the organization pays, rewards and recognizes you well
  • You’re empowered and listened to
  • You think your work is worthwhile


  • The company provides you with opportunities to update your skills and education
  • You feel recognized for your skills and experience
  • You’re provided opportunities to “live” the brand. (Community events, workshops, etc.)


  • You have the technology/equipment I need to take care of my customers and do my job.
  • You’re given the resources to resolve issues within my control
  • Information you need is provided to do you job well


  • You’re happy with your co-workers and they’re happy with you
  • Together, you and your coworkers function as an effective team


  • You trust the company to always deliver on the brand promise of quality and consistency
  • You believe your company will deliver what it says
  • The product or service is the unquestionable first choice for your family members

Two Choices

You can take the traditional approach to develop employeee brand ambassadors. Then check off a short-term objective on your annual assessment. Or you can use the Organic Approach and also improve the quality of your organization.

For a more in-depth look at the 5 T’s

Click below and download our free whitepaper to learn more about How to Turn Your Employees into Brand Ambassadors.

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