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Launching and Measuring a Remarkable Healthcare Marketing Campaign

Sometimes the light bulb suddenly flickers on and a single brilliant idea sparks a truly remarkable health care marketing campaign. However, more times than not, campaigns are born out of hours of research, patient demographic analysis, and careful planning.

Devising a strategic and measurable campaign plan is at the top of the list of new healthcare marketing challenges for directors. But it doesn’t have to be! There are a few easy questions you can ask yourself to help you to hone in on the appropriate target audience, medium to use, and avenue to measure your campaign’s effectiveness.

  1. Who’s your audience?

    Image by Adrian Clark
    Image by Adrian Clark

    Are you looking to promote a specific service line? For instance, if you need to promote cardiology, then you should consider targeting men over the age of 45, or women over the age of 55 since statistically those demographics are most likely to need cardiac services. Find out what piques their interests and catches their eye, then develop creative elements that align with your target audiences’ needs, interests, and desires.

  2. Which media is right for your campaign?

    There are many ways to promote your campaign, and it’s certainly not an all-or-nothing situation. Combined marketing will allow you to achieve the optimal numbers for reach, frequency, and impressions on multiple platforms. Utilize the options that are most cost-effective for the impressions yielded and that aren’t already saturated with your competition’s ads. Consider using a strategic combination of print, online, broadcast, and outdoor to place your message where your target demographic is most likely to see it.

    Image by espensorvik
    Image by espensorvik
  3. How can you test your health care campaign before it launches? Analyzing the results of your campaign, measuring the effectiveness of the media, and reporting your findings are all important elements of health care campaigns. But you can also implement testing before you kick off your campaign. Consider using focus groups, A/B testing, and marketing research services to help you determine the projected impact of the ad or series of ads that you’re planning on running. This can give you valuable insight into how to tailor your campaign before it runs.

The key to launching a successful healthcare marketing campaign is asking yourself the right questions on the front-end and researching which strategic options are best for the message you’re promoting. By creating a clear map of your objectives and goals for the campaign, you’ll be able to take your campaign from concept to success in no time!

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