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How to Get People Talking About Your Business

Get People Talking
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Marketing has several key goals, but one of its most important functions is to get people talking about your business. With a buzz building around your business, new customers will be interested in what you’re doing and will seek out your company. You can also make your advertising dollars work over-time when your initial ad reaches a set number of consumers who then go out and spread your message to people who missed the first advertisement.

That’s why it’s essential to structure your marketing plan so that it encourages other people to talk about your business. Your company can set itself apart from similar businesses by using the following marketing strategies.

1. Do Something New
Creating a new product, service, or message is the best way to get attention in a competitive industry. People are used to tuning out advertisements and they may not hear messages that simply offer more of the same. However, people are also looking for new and better products and ways to simplify their lives. If you can offer consumers something that is different than what other companies are offering, you’ll start to get more attention.

2. Emphasize Value
Next, your company should work to emphasize the value and level of quality you can provide. This emphasis plays a key role in branding for most companies, so you need to find a way to make it unique. Your business should have a well-defined brand that integrates with your company’s mission and explains exactly what you’re about. Then, you can find a simple way to explain how your product or service delivers value from the perspective of your brand. A unique value proposition helps you earn trust and encourages customers to spread the word about your business.

3. Get to Know Your Community
With the popularization of social media and email marketing, many businesses understand that social outreach is an essential part of any effective marketing plan. However, it’s not enough to simply tell people about your business and your products—you also need to connect with customers. Modern consumers expect engagement and attention, so you won’t go far with simple advertising messages that are only for your customer’s benefit. Instead, work to connect with your target customers by building a community. People in your company’s community should share ideas and relate to one another through a common language. Ask questions, listen to customers’ answers, and offer help whenever you can to deliver excellent customer service that people are excited to share.

4. Help People Share Your Content
Make it easy for people to share your products, ads, and content with others. Many consumers will happily share an advertisement or special offer from a favorite business, but they will only do so if the process is easy and intuitive. Create clear buttons and links on your website that allow people to share your content through email or social media, and create special offers for people who share your posts on Facebook and Twitter. This simple strategy gets more people to see your messages by letting customers spread the word for you.

To learn more about new marketing strategies and to figure out which tactics are best for your company, contact Red Crow Marketing at 417-889-1658 or email We can help you develop an effective marketing and branding plan that will get people talking about your business.

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