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Gold Mountain Communications New Video: Mountain of Money

Gold Mountain Communications New Video: Mountain of Money

Over the years, Red Crow has worked with Gold Mountain Communications to develop an ongoing marketing plan focused on recruitment and retention. The company is expanding quickly and thus always looking to add qualified employees to its team. As part of this recruitment strategy, Red Crow helped identify the best sources to get more, quality applicants through AB testing. This testing has created measurable results, generating a plethora of knowledge that has allowed us to create actionable steps toward helping Gold Mountain continue to achieve its goals.

To continue its broadcast advertising efforts, Red Crow recently developed a video for Gold Mountain focused on factors identified as the most important for job seekers in its target market: hourly base wage, commission, and benefits. The goal was also to let potential applicants know its hourly pay recently increased to $13. After development, Red Crow’s media department strategically placed this commercial on several media channels to ensure market saturation.

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