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Health Care Marketing Challenges

Campaigns promoting healthcare service lines don’t happen overnight – planning and foresight are essential to developing an initiative positioned for increasing traffic and revenue for your health care organization. Healthcare marketing director challenges for new campaigns are numerous but can be overcome with the following strategic approach.

Smart GoalsChallenge #1 – Determining the health care campaign initiative and strategy

Each new campaign needs a strategic plan where you define what it means for your new campaign to be a success. Without it, you’re traveling down a slippery slope without a map and will quickly become an overwhelmed healthcare marketing director.

The solution:

  • Develop the strategy and schedule, planning ahead for the success of the initiative.
  • Determine your SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-based strategies – that will make it easy for you to check the progress of your campaign.

Online Marketing Graphic Challenge #2 – Choosing the proper media to promote your healthcare service line

Email, Social Media, Blogging, Conferences, PPC and Ad Buys – Which one is right for your new health care initiative? Running a complete campaign is more than developing the creative and crossing your fingers that the results will follow.

The solution:

  • Make sure the most effective tools and channels are identified before embarking on any new health care campaign.
  • You know your target audience – use that data to organize an effective campaign that will increase your market share, then identify the means for which you will evaluate its effectiveness (landing page visits, phone calls, email open rates, and event sign-ups).

Challenge #3 – Developing the Campaign

Your new health care campaign must reach the target audience, cutting straight through the clutter and making an impact on qualified prospects most likely to result in new patients both online and offline, but how to you cut through the clutter?

The solution:

  • Develop top-notch creative with out-of-the-box ideas – time to do some brainstorming!
  • Offer clear calls-to-action with trackable interfaces

ad-placement Challenge #4 – Coordinating Placement

When you know the tools and tactics for a successful health care campaign, it’s time to strategically execute your campaign across all channels- knowing where to start is the trick.

The solution:

  • Choose advertising platforms that are most relevant to your audience and create ads designed especially for the venues.
  • A good agency will ensure your ads are strategically placed for the best performance to save you time, and money and help you generate business.

Challenge #5 – Analyzing the Campaign

Analysis begins with the first ad placement, but what do you do with the data?

6_marketing_Metrics_important_to_health_care_ceos The solution:

  • Look at your soft marketing metrics and adjust your campaign while it is alive to reach the goals you set forth in your planning phase.
  • Evaluate the campaign’s overall effectiveness by reporting the metrics most important to your CEO and the opportunities for future growth.

We understand the challenges of marketing in the health care industry, and developing new health care marketing initiatives is an ongoing battle. If you remember to think strategically, plan out your campaign from start to finish, and analyze the campaign from start to finish, you will succeed. For more information on how to develop a health care campaign, download our ebook.


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