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Featured Client: Joy Assisted Living

Joy Assisted Living Name: Cathy McCrary
Title: Owner/Administrator
Company: Joy Assisted Living

As a board member of the Missouri Assisted Living Association, Kathy McCrary is familiar with state and national regulations concerning assisted living. As a local facility administrator, she’s even more familiar with the need to fill her facility. But as an owner, she enjoys the rewards of her labor.

Kathy is the owner/administrator of Joy Assisted Living, a Springfield-based family owned-and-operated living facility and long-time client of Red Crow Marketing. The administrator since its founding in 1995, Kathy became co-owner with her husband, Kelly in January. The business keeps her industry-focused so she relies heavily on Red Crow Marketing for her marketing needs.

For Joy Assisted Living, word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool. In fact, one happy customer can steer dozens. “It’s the most rewarding sense to know you’re doing the right thing and have made people happy,” says Kathy. The ultimate goal is to have people think of your company when they’re ready to.

“Honestly, Red Crow Marketing has had a huge making people aware of us,” she explained. “The television commercials Ron and his crew did for us has drawn many people to the facility who may not have otherwise heard of us.”

“I’ve had people call who didn’t at the moment have any need for a facility, but called because the commercial caught their eye,” she continued. “The marketing Red Crow has done for us has been instrumental in getting out our name out in the community and sticking with people.”

A relationship with Red Crow Marketing has simplified the process of marketing for Joy Assisted Living. “They do their best to get you what you want even if you don’t know what that is yet,” Kathy remarked. “Oftentimes, I’ve had to call with questions related to marketing. Regardless of my understanding, everyone there acts like they bend over backwards to help.”

When asked what someone should do with similar challenges, she enthusiastically replied, “Call Ron! Really, call someone who’s focus is marketing. If you want it done -and done right -call someone who can do it right, and you’ll really get results.”

In 2014, Kathy’s marketing goals to continue to keep her facility full, but she is especially excited about their upcoming 20th anniversary and look forward to working with Red Crow Marketing to help coordinate a campaign in celebration.


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