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Red Crow Spotlight: Get to Know Erin Goodman

RCM Spotlight: Erin Goodman

Media Director/Partner

How long have you been with Red Crow?

7 years!

Describe Red Crow in 3 words.

Coordinated. Evidence-based. Fun.

What has been your favorite project?

I really love all of our video projects, and there are some that I will always remember filming. One, in particular, was for The Aurora Health and Wellness Center. They had a great story about a young man who had suffered a spinal cord injury and with the help of a personal trainer at the Aurora, was able to walk unassisted after almost a year of hard work. It was really inspiring to be able to tell their story.


And of course, there is always a sense of accomplishment when we are working on live events like the annual Liberty Half Marathon & 5K in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. You only have one chance to get the shots so there is a lot of pre-planning and day-of coordination that goes into events. When it all comes together it is very rewarding.


In your opinion, what’s the biggest misconception in advertising right now?

Investing a little bit of money until you see results, and then spending more. In reality, if you don’t have enough gas in the tank you aren’t going to reach your destination.

The same is true with marketing and advertising, if you aren’t investing the right amount of money or time in a given project or media, your marketing won’t be as effective. Now that doesn’t mean that more money is always the solution to better marketing and advertising. It simply means that you need to first have a realistic strategy that fits with your goals and budget.

What’s RCM’s secret sauce?

Our employees!





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