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Effective Corporate Video Production Starts Here

Effective Corporate Video Production Starts Here

50% of viewers stop watching a video after one minute. 96% of consumers say that the pandemic has increased their online video consumption.¹ With these statistics, it’s clear that the necessity of video production services has greatly increased while the average viewer’s attention span has decreased. Still, videos are an effective way for industries to transfer and share information. They engage with viewers through storytelling, powerful audio, and compelling visuals. And, most importantly, video marketing is a necessary channel for lead generation.

Corporation Video Production Services Red Crow Marketing

Now more than ever corporate video production services are sought after to create compelling content that increases brand awareness, educates the public, or recruits potential employees. With such a large role in internet traffic, corporate videos must have a clear focus on their end objectives. Here are the 4 most important steps to beginning your video production journey.

Determine the Focus

First, to create an effective corporate video, you must set goals and determine your audience. Understanding who this video is catering to will establish a clear direction for the rest of your video production strategy. There are many different paths a corporate video can take, and when mapping out a plan, it’s vital to know the main purpose of your video. Are you sharing your story and company culture? Are you recruiting, training, and onboarding new staff? Are you promoting your business and services? Or are you defending your image through public awareness?

Identifying this key objective is the first step to creating a truly effective video. If you need some advice on developing a plan, we recommend this helpful blog written by Red Crow Marketing partner, Erin Goodman: Successful Video Production Starts with a Plan. She will take you step-by-step through the planning process of strategic and effective video production.

Determine the Production

Now that you’ve discovered your audience and developed a foolproof plan, it’s time to determine what method of production will fulfill your objectives best. For instance, would a virtual tour or aerial drone footage serve your purpose more effectively than a product demonstration? If you’re in the commercial roofing industry, for example, it might be best to stay away from an animation or customer journey video – it wouldn’t make much sense. Instead, case studies and drone footage would provide practical, real-world examples and might serve your purpose more effectively. On the other hand, a commercial or informational animation might help a business in the healthcare industry educate the public on a complex topic.

Most of these choices will be influenced by the video production services you acquire. Most likely, you’ll be needing professional services to help develop the script, cast, film, and edit your corporate video. If this is the case and you’re not sure where to begin, there are a lot of excellent video production services available nearby to help meet your main objective.

Corporate Video Production Services Red Crow Marketing

Make it Effective

Of course, to make your corporate video the most effective, it must appeal to your viewers’ emotions. This is where your strategic planning comes in handy. Understanding your audience helps you create a compelling script that convinces viewers to use your services, apply to work for your company, or trust in your brand. You can do this through humor, testimonials, emotional appeal, or just really storytelling. Whichever emotion you appeal to, keep it memorable! As long as your content is tasteful and applies to your target audience, your video is bound to have a lasting impact.

Determine Your Platform

“It’s estimated that by 2022, 82 percent of the global internet traffic will come from video streaming and downloads.” Luckily, online videos can be shared and viewed across many platforms – and should be, too! Videos on your landing pages, social media accounts, YouTube pages should all be interconnected. Marketing emails and t.v. commercials are a great way to place your video in front of viewers. Public business pages are the best way for your viewers to share them with others.

This is also where strategic media buying services come into play. It’s not enough to just push your corporate video out into the interverse, you must also know when, where, and how to best reach viewers in all types of platforms. Professional media buying services will help you work with vendors to effectively place, monitor, and measure your video production efforts.

Effective Video Production Starts Here

Because video production demand has increased, oversaturation is a very real challenge that businesses can face. This means that more focus must be placed on quality. A corporate video that is planned and executed well will ultimately see a bigger return on investment. Red Crow Marketing has decades of experience with video marketing, media buying, and video production services to help you make a real impact. Contact us today to help you meet all of your marketing needs.



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