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How One Hospital is Using Video Advertising

Liberty Hospital Sports Medicine Red Crow Marketing recently shot, produced, and placed two new video advertising initiatives for cable and broadcast in the Kansas City area this fall. Working in tandem with Liberty Hospital’s Marketing and Public Relations Department, the recently completed two thirty-second commercials for Liberty Hospital in Liberty, Missouri have already proven a dramatic increase in web traffic to their site. The primary objective of these commercials is create awareness of two new facilities; Liberty Hospital Sports Medicine and Liberty Hospital Women’s Imaging.

Be OK for Your 5k

The first video, entitled “Be OK for Your 5k,” was inspired by Red Crow Marketing’s VP, Patty Marshall, and her family’s regular group attendance of local 5k events. It features a granddaughter, a mother and grandmother who regularly run in 5ks together. The commercial demonstrates that in addition to providing care and therapy for professional-level athletes, Liberty Hospital Sports Medicine is here to provide the same high-level care to weekend athletes too.

Squeeze in Some Time for the Girls

The second commercial is to help promote awareness of Liberty Hospital Women’s Imaging. The commercial is called “Squeeze In Some Time for the Girls.” It demonstrates the improvements Liberty Hospital has made in this normally unpleasant, apprehensive examination women need to regularly have performed. By now offering faster results (often same-day), 3D technology and a spa-like environment, Liberty Hospital hopes to encourage more women to have their check-ups in a much more pleasant and less stressful environment.

The Many Uses for Marketing Videos

On average, videos are 70% more effective at converting prospects to customers (or patients in this case) than other marketing mediums. The combination of storytelling and compelling visuals allows businesses to connect with their target demographics in a very short amount of time.

Because video advertising is so effective, it’s a good idea to post them wherever they are relevant to a particular audience. Liberty Hospital plans to use these two commercials not just as broadcast and cable TV videos, but also on their website, on the hospital’s Facebook and YouTube pages, as well as in other online content. This will help them maximize their reach and efficiency in promoting healthcare service lines both externally and internally, as well as gain better value for the cost investment of the ads.

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