Traditional and Digital
Media Placement:

Knowing where, when and how to reach your best prospects is the key to obtaining a good return on your advertising investment. Red Crow Marketing can research and develop a media placement plan designed to fit your business’s needs and save you from unnecessary and wasteful spending.

Red Crow Marketing media placement services include:

Digital marketing (SEM, SMM and every other marketing acronym)
Broadcast placement (Television, radio, online)
Newsprint placement
Outdoor advertising
And much, much more…

We think we can do a better job with your media. We’d like to prove it.

Let’s discuss what you’re doing now. We’ll show you how we can help you reach more of the right audience, and the right amount of times – probably for less money than you’re currently spending.

We’ll show you what’s working for you…
and what’s not

If you need to know how to get the most bang-for-your-advertising-buck, you need unbiased and transparent EVIDENCE about the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising.  But who can provide that to you? We can.

At Red Crow Marketing, we use a wide range of credible analytic measurements to help you see what you’re doing well…what you’re not doing well, and what you should be doing.  Like many others, you’ll probably be surprised at what you’ll see!

Media placement and coordination made easier

Meeting with all the media sales reps for you, and identifying recommendations and programs that actually make sense for you
Analyzing your best options to create a well-rounded strategy to help you achieve your marketing objectives
Negotiating with the media to get the best rates and ROI for your dollars
Plan and coordinate all your ads and communications with you, then make sure they reach the right media and are placed in the right times
Auditing your media placement invoices to make sure you’re billed correctly

More Effective Media Placement Plans

By thoroughly auditing both the media placement and results, you’ll have the data you need to plan how to optimize your results with a media strategy.

We’ll help you develop a written plan for media placement which calls for regular review and improvement.  As the marketing game changes, we’ll help you adjust your programs to stay in front of your competition.

The Low Cost of Our Service Might Surprise You

We’ll handle listening to all the pitches, all the research, negotiation, media placement and invoice accuracy checking for you – and you may not have to pay a dime more than you’re paying now. All this for probably no more than you’re currently spending.  Just less work for you, and better results.

Pretty nice, huh?

Call or email us to find out how you can get all these professional services for free.

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