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Case Study: Reducing Migration to Competitors

An 86 acute/727 long-term bed community hospital with a clinic system serving 8 counties with a population of 100,000 in Missouri

Please note; because we are disclosing specific issues and numbers which apply to a client, we do not feel it proper for us to publicly reveal their identity without their written permission.


The client is a community hospital located 30.4 miles from a metro area with two much larger competing hospitals, including one of which is part of a regional network healthcare system.

The client hospital had a problem with their brand, particularly regarding the organization’s credibility and capability within their PSA. Although 30.4 miles away, the size and reputation of their competitors overshadowed the client hospital’s service capabilities within its own PSA. There was a prevailing impression among the population that the client hospital was too rural to possess the same level of technology and expert care as that of the larger networks.

This was acutely apparent when 2/3 of all women within the PSA migrated to the larger hospitals to deliver their babies.


After conducting research, we identified a clear direction of what marketing could do to effect immediate results. We developed an initial two-pronged approach:

Collaborating with their marketing department, we updated their branding graphics and positioning statements. We created a style which helped improve the perception that they were in many ways as capable and tech savvy as the larger competitors, but with care not to alienate the rural community connection.

We then developed a campaign to stop the migration of births. We identified the most efficient media to use and created multi-media communications to demonstrate our client’s unique capabilities and compassionate approach to new mothers and families.


Improved Media Efficiency (With the existing budget)

Reallocated to media best aligned to tactical objectives
Planned and achieved low Cost Per Point (CPP) and Cost Per Thousand (CPM)
Exponentially increased net reach of target demographic over previous advertising

Improved Marketing Production

The CEO stated, “Based on recent qualitative focus group feedback, the campaign Red Crow Marketing developed with our marketing department created more awareness and credibility for the hospital than all other previous marketing initiatives combined.

Improved Bottom Line Results
for the Hospital

Within 90 days after launching our first campaign, new data showed the birthing migration had been reduced by 50%.

Red Crow Birthing Migration Case Study

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