Red Crow Marketing Casting Call

Red Crow Marketing is now casting for two Springfield, MO commercials. No previous acting experience is required. Regional talent welcome to submit, but travel expenses will not be paid.

If you fit any of the character descriptions listed below and would like to have some fun (and brag to your friends about being on TV), complete our Talent Submission form. Include a headshot, full body shot, resume, and any links to performance clips / demo reels. Photos do not need to be professional glamor shots – simple photos taken with a phone will work.

SHOOT DATE: Monday June 12th, 2017

Car Salesman Commercial

Roles Available:

The Car Salesman – Male, age 21 to 25, this is a very fun role and no speaking lines but need a very expressive face. 

Husband – Male, age 25ish, will drive a car. non speaking role 

Pregnant Wife – Female, age 25ish. She doesn’t need to actually by pregnant. She will be in the car with the Husband. One or two short lines. 

Rocker Guys (2 roles)- Males, age 18- 25, we will have them head-banging in the car. They will need to have that rock/punk look. Non speaking role. 

Teen Girls (4 roles) – One girl will be the driver and 3 other passengers. Ages 16 -20 preferable, One or two short lines.

Grandparents (couple – 2 roles) – Male and female, 65+, to play the role of an elderly couple shopping for a new car. Must be able to drive.

Sales Clerk Commercial

Roles Available:

Sales Clerk – Female, age 18-25, non speaking role. She will try to assist the female customer and ring her up. 

Female Customer –   Female, age 18- 40, non speaking, this is a funny role. She will be trying on clothes that might be to small, getting stuck in a dress. This part is not meant to make fun or embarrass anyone, but it is supposed to be funny. 

Lawn Mower Commercial

Roles Available: 

Grouchy Homeowner –   Male, 65+ to play the role of a elderly homeowner who is picky about his yard/grass.

All of the roles are paid $25 per hour.

The Car Salesman, Female Clerk and Female Customer will all be on set for 3+ hours. The Husband, Pregnant Wife, Rocker Guys and Teen Girls will be on set for about 1-2 hours.

Please contact Erin Goodman with any questions at (417) 889-1658 ext. 105 or by email at

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