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How Understanding KPIs Can Help Your Marketing Plan Soar

Most important marketing KPIsUnderstanding KPIs Can Help Your Marketing Plan Soar. With any marketing campaign comes the need for a measurement tool to determine its effectiveness. Sales Manago outline the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to keep an eye on when evaluating a campaign. Measuring marketing KPIs can be used to identify which actions are the most successful, as well as offer feedback and identify potential problem areas.

Top KPIs for your Marketing Plan

Some general KPIs to keep an eye on include ROI (return on investment), CLV (customer lead value), sales revenue and lead to customer ratio, among others. These KPIs will give you information about the money spent on your marketing campaign to decide if it reached the outcome you hoped financially.

Expand your Measurement to Other Areas

Other marketing KPIs to keep an eye on are in the areas of social media, mobile, email, and content marketing. Being able to know how many people are visiting your website, opening an email, clicking on links, and even how many emails are undeliverable will only help in the long run.

Let Red Crow Marketing work with you to identify the top KPIs for your marketing plan.

Understanding KPIs Can Help Your Marketing Plan Soar.

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