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Content Marketing for Recruitment & Retention

Losing an employee and having to go through the process of hiring a new staff member is not only stressful, it’s also expensive. According to an article by American Progress, on average it costs businesses 20 percent of an employee’s annual salary to replace them. But depending upon the employee’s job and skill level, it can range from 5.8 percent up to 213 percent of an employee’s annual salary. This high cost of turnover is due to expenses associated with recruitment, training, and losses in productivity. What can your company do to acquire and retain loyal, hard-working employees? Many leading organizations have found success using content marketing as part of an employee recruitment plan. Follow the seven steps from, as outlined in this article, to effectively supplement content marketing with your employee recruitment and retention efforts.

Content Marketing for Employee Recruitment and RetentionHave a strategy

Creating content about your company’s culture is key to painting a picture of what it’s like to work there. To do this you’ll need to define what your company is all about, why people like working there, your core values, and what you offer that other companies don’t. Hone in your message, make sure it’s something your company truly believes and follows, and then shout it from the rooftops. This message will help attract employees that best fit your company culture and weed out those that don’t.

Tell the story

Now you have a strategy behind your message, but you still have to find a way to communicate it. The best way to do this is by giving potential employees a glimpse behind the scenes of what it would be like to work for your company by telling a story. Before applying, job seekers want to know if they will fit in with a company and believe in the same values. By telling a story, your message will grab their attention and make it easier for them to digest. In today’s job market, if the message you’re trying to communicate isn’t connecting simply because it’s boring, potential employees will move on to the next company.

Blog, blog, blog

Having a company blog that is updated regularly tells potential employees that you are the authority for your brand, product, service, industry, etc.

Be social

Having an active presence on sites such as LinkedIn with regularly updated content can offer a great first impression. Even better is to have current employees share content relevant to the company. Not only will it help potential employees see the dedication of current employees, but it will also help current employees feel valued and involved.

Reuse evergreen content

When creating content, think of all the ways it can be used; a blog post, an infographic, videos, and even a webinar. Use your blog post readership to determine which topics are most popular and could be reused in other forms.

Develop a talent community

Using strategic and creative social media content can attract candidates with the right qualifications, which can then be taken and shared in newsletters along with upcoming events and webinars. This paints a picture of life with your company and engages with potential employees in an active manner.

Measure success

All of the above tactics are important, but none of them are effective unless you track their success or lack of success. Constantly review your efforts and make adjustments as necessary to achieve the results you’re hoping for.

Red Crow Marketing has helped many clients with employee recruitment and retention, from small-scale marketing strategies that make a big impact on developing comprehensive marketing plans. Let Red Crow Marketing work with you to build a strong marketing plan for your recruitment and retention efforts with effective, measurable results.

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