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Liberty Hospital Mako Video

Red Crow Marketing recently developed a video campaign to bring awareness to Liberty Hospital’s newest technology, MAKOplasty®. This major advancement in joint replacement allows surgeons to perform partial knee and hip replacements using robotic arm technology. With this new technology, orthopaedists are able to create a customized surgery plan for each patient, target only the damaged tissue, and perform the procedure with more precision. All of these factors correlate to less pain, quicker recovery time, and an overall better patient outcome. Liberty Hospital is the first and only hospital in the region that offers MAKOplasty® to patients.

Throughout the video, Red Crow uses animation to demonstrate how MAKOplasty® is performed and why it is so effective. The video also introduces Dr. Niemann, one of the orthopedic surgeons at Liberty Hospital who performs MAKOplasty®, and features interviews from three real patients that recently underwent a partial knee replacement.

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