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How to Develop a Successful Healthcare Marketing Plan

Having a well-executed marketing plan is the key to any communication effort, but often so much focus is put on the execution that the most important part – the planning – is overlooked. Developing and implementing a comprehensive marketing plan is a core value at Red Crow Marketing that has helped our clients see much success.

For even more in-depth information on how to develop a successful healthcare marketing plan, check out this step-by-step guide on Health Care Communication News.

how to develop a successful healthcare marketing planDo Your Homework

First, do an internal assessment of your organization, then look externally by examining your competition to determine what sets your organization apart. Make sure your goals are clearly defined through a long-term vision and strategy.

Prepare Your Content

Roll your sleeves up and dig in! This is where you’ll need to start getting other experts in your organization involved, examining the budget and developing creative.

Launch Your Campaign

Build a strong marketing support team by introducing the campaign to internal stakeholders first, including physicians, board members and other employees, then go forward with your formal external campaign launch.


Measure your campaign’s effectiveness by collecting data on the number of conversions it’s receiving. Changes in patient numbers, inquiries, web traffic and other actions will help measure how your marketing plan is reaching and impacting its audience.

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