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Create a Market Orientation to Enhance Your Business

How to create marketing orientationUnderstanding, creating, implementing, and continually enhancing a market orientation for your business is a MUST for long-term positive business development. According to research conducted at Cal Poly, market orientation is a culture in which all employees are committed to delivering superior value to customers. While the concept of having all employees, in all levels of the organization, on the same page and dedicated to providing the best value to its customers is not a new concept, it needs to become of the norm instead of the exception.

When you sit down to work on your company’s market orientation, consider these three behavioral components: customer orientation – ensuring your employees understand your customers’ needs to deliver superior value; competitor orientation – having a continual understanding of your competition’s strategies and capabilities that could potentially move your customers to their business; and inter-functional coordination – the understanding of all business functions and how to use that knowledge to enhance customer value.

Let Red Crow work with you to create a market orientation that enhances your marketing strategies.

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