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Three Marketing Tips for Manufacturers that ACTUALLY Generate Leads

marketing upward arrowManufacturers, like every industry, are realizing that shoppers are more leery of outbound marketing than ever before.

With the rise of the all-powerful Google search, consumers have taken control of the information they seek and the solutions they find. They no longer wait for a clever television or print ad to showcase something they need – now they can search for it themselves and make a decision in just a few clicks.

As old school outbound marketing for manufacturing has struggled to provide leads in the manufacturing world, marketers have begun to utilize new tools that place their company in front of potential customers in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. The days of relying solely on sales teams to push a product are waning.

But! Through all of this marketing doom and gloom, there are ways that manufacturing marketers can use the Internet and technology to empower their sales teams and regain control of their lead generation. Here are three marketing tips for manufacturing companies that will maximize the effectiveness of some of the new tools that are generating the most leads..


1. Get a great website and make sure it’s responsive.

Start from the beginning. Your company’s website is the catcher’s mitt for your entire game. It doesn’t matter how many leads you’re generating through marketing if there’s nothing waiting to catch them. Make sure your content is relevant, up-to-date, and targeted at your ideal buyer.

Also, make sure that your website is responsive. “Responsive” means that your website is coded to be easily accessed on any device – cell phone, tablet, computer, ect. These days, most people are accessing websites from mobile devices, and websites that aren’t updated are falling behind the curve and off shoppers’ radar.


2. Tailor your blog content to your target audience.

Many manufacturing companies struggle with the idea of starting an industry blog. They think that the B2B atmosphere isn’t the right place for this kind of tool, or that the content won’t be enthralling enough to actually generate leads.

Not true! B2B manufacturing is the perfect place for a blog. Use it to share interesting, cutting-edge information with other businesses. Keep up with the latest industry news and share it in a timely fashion. This positions your company as an authority and will keep you top-of-mind when other businesses are deciding where to spend their money.


3. Once you get the leads, keep them!

Lead nurturing is one of the best ways to encourage your leads to cross over and become customers. E-mail programs can be crafted to automatically touch base with your contacts on a set schedule. Every few days, pertinent and personalized e-mails will be sent to each lead based on the information your company has gathered. Each e-mail includes a call to action, which provides an opportunity and an incentive for them to take the next step towards becoming a valued customer.

By effectively utilizing these tips, you can increase your manufacturing company’s lead generation and begin moving into the exciting new age of technology.


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