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Three Tips for HealthCare Marketing in Missouri

missouri-health-care-marketingHealthcare marketing director challenges are more difficult to overcome than ever. The health care reform has caused marketing managers to re-assess measurements. They must not only provide CEOs a positive ROI through increased revenues, but directors are now tasked with finding a trackable method for loyalty-based longevity. These challenges are compounded for Missouri healthcare marketing professionals due to the increasing number of rural facilities competing for the same market share, but don’t worry – we’ve got some tips and tools to help you.

For rural health care providers in Missouri, healthcare marketing challenges are compounded by the number of hospitals available within the same area. Smaller facilities are competing with health care monsters while working with a smaller staff and a waning marketing budget. However, your clear-headed and strategic mindset has placed you in this position, so overcoming the challenges should be a snap. Here’s a few tips that could help you along the way:

1. Outsource Your Media Buying

From spearheading the grand opening of your organization’s newest health care facility to preparing the marketing report for the board of directors – you’ve got your hands full. Don’t even attempt to coordinate your own media buy- Agencies have pre-existing relationships with media outlets and offer the same pricing as direct buys, but include research, strategy and buying negotiation power you can use to your advantage. Still interested in doing your own buy? Check Media Buying 101 or contact us for a free consultation.

2. Use Inbound Marketing to Bring Patients to Your Facility

Traditional health care marketing methods should be augmented by inbound marketing. Inbound or “pull” marketing strategies allow hospitals and other health care facilities the ability to build reliability and trust with patients and community members, pulling new visitors and retaining the patients you serve. Since 8 out of 10 health care users seek information online, frequently updating and offering new content to your patients is imperative to keep them coming back.

Unsure of what elements to include? Contact us here or give us a call at (417) 889-1658.

3. Regularly Measure Your Marketing Effectiveness

Handy ToolkitThere are few things more alarming to a healthcare CEO or Board of Directors (BOD) than not knowing where their marketing dollars are going. It’s crucial for them to see not only where the budget is being spent, but also how effectively it’s being used to meet their top-level goals.

Here’s a couple blogs health care marketing report blogs you might be interested in:

We’ve hit you with a lot of information, but hope this helps you with some of the issues you’re facing as a healthcare marketing professional in Missouri. You’ve got a lot on your plate…sharing some tips we’ve learned along the way as health care marketing partners to hospitals in the area is the least we could do.

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