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Six Reasons to Start an Email Marketing Campaign

Image by Yoel Ben-Avraham
Image by Yoel Ben-Avraham

Most business owners hear a lot of advice about the benefits of social media and SEO, and with good reason. These tools are an important part of a modern marketing strategy for any business that wants to succeed online. However, email marketing is just as valuable of a tool—and in some cases, an email campaign might just be one of the most important online marketing strategies you can employ. Check out the top six reasons to start an email marketing campaign for your business.

1. Email marketing is quick, convenient, and affordable.
Though some marketing campaigns require a lot of planning and strategy, an email campaign is easy to set up and maintain. You’ll need someone to write and prepare emails each month and you can use a program like Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, or Aweber to distribute messages for a low monthly fee.

2. You can send messages that match your customer’s specific interests.
With an email marketing campaign, you can send different messages to specific groups of customers. This allows you to tailor each message to the customer’s individual interests, preferences, or prior purchase history. You can also personalize messages with the customer’s name and favorite items or send a coupon or gift offer on the customer’s birthday or anniversary.

3. Email allows you to get in touch with customers more frequently to increase brand awareness.
It’s extremely important to avoid bombarding your customers with email messages in order to keep them from unsubscribing from your list. However, most customers will expect to receive a few messages each month or week from you. This important opportunity gives you the chance to get in touch with customers more often than you would if you used direct mailers—and it also helps to build the customer’s awareness of your brand.

4. It’s easy to track the results of your campaign.
One of the greatest benefits of an email marketing campaign is that it’s extremely easy to track the results of your messages. You’ll be able to tell how many people opened your email, how many people clicked on the links inside, and how many people ultimately visited your website or made a purchase after viewing one of your emails.

5. There’s an accessible opportunity to promote your biggest sales and new products.
While you should always strike a balance between messages that promote your company and messages that simply provide value to your customers, you can still use email frequently to promote new sales and upcoming products. Let customers know that they’ll receive offers, sale notices, and product release dates before anyone else when they sign up for your list.

6. You can develop a reputation for excellence in service and value.
In addition to promoting your company’s products and services, use your email list to build a reputation for providing great customer service and valuable information. Send out newsletters packed with industry-relevant tips and tricks or offer a free series of “how-to” posts through your email list. More people will be interested in signing up to receive your messages, and you’ll also develop brand loyalty among the customers who have already given you their email addresses.

Red Crow Marketing can help you start an email marketing campaign to connect with customers and to promote new sales and products. If you’re interested in learning more about what an email campaign can do for your business, contact us today or call us at 417-889-1658.


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