According to a recent study of 5,657 respondents from the US, the UK, and Canada, consumers who engage with their favorite brands through social media are as likely to make in-store purchases as they are to buy online. The study measured responses over a 17-month period and also found that Facebook interactions have a higher chance of resulting in a purchase than connections that take place through Pinterest and Twitter.

For the purposes of the study, researchers defined brand interaction to include activities such as liking, commenting, or sharing Facebook posts; tweeting, retweeting, and favoriting Twitter posts; and liking, pinning, and repinning Pinterest posts.

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Researchers found that after interacting with a brand through social media, 38 percent of Facebook users made a purchase, 29 percent of Pinterest users made purchases, and 22 percent of Twitter users had made purchases. Check out the following breakdown figures to see how the purchases were split:

  • Of the Facebook users who made purchases, 30 percent bought in-store and 29 percent checked out online.
  • Of the Pinterest users who made purchases, 21 percent shopped in-store and 22 percent bought online.
  • Of the Twitter users who made purchases, 17 percent did so in-store and 18 percent made their purchases online.

Though retailers sometimes wonder whether or not their social media presences affect their bottom line sales figures, this study clearly indicates that shoppers who use social media are just as likely to make in-store purchases as they are to make online purchases. As social media use continues to spread and more people use mobile devices to access these accounts on the go, it’s becoming increasingly important for brands to stay connected to their customers using Facebook and other popular social networks. Attracting customers with a giveaway, discount, or contest for interacting through social media is a great way to get attention from your audience and to get people thinking about your brand and latest products.

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A report on this study was originally published on July 2nd on Marketing Charts. You can read more about the survey and its findings here.


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