Whether you’re starting a new company or looking to successfully launch an upcoming product or service, it’s important to think carefully about your marketing plan and long-term business strategies. Use the following marketing tips to get people talking about your latest offers and to build trusting, loyal relationships with your customers.

Four Key Marketing Tips

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1. Focus on Building a Solid Team
Your team is the foundation behind your company’s future success—so you should take care to invest time and thought into the people you’re choosing to work with now. You’ll always be on the lookout for another great idea or new solution as you develop and evolve your marketing and business strategies, but you can set yourself up for success by choosing to work with people who understand and care deeply about your business. When you focus on finding qualified, talented individuals who are driven to improve your company and deliver the best to your customers, success will follow.

2. Set Yourself Apart from the Crowd
No matter what type of industry you’re working in, you’ll always have two basic choices when you develop a new product or service: you can create something that is just like what everyone else is offering and hope to out-market the other companies, or you can develop something similar and give it your own twist. In almost every case, the companies who choose to give their products a unique spin are more likely to succeed because they’ve set themselves apart from the crowd. Marketing should undoubtedly comprise an essential part of your business plan, but you can’t rely on it exclusively. At the end of the day, the quality and features of your products and services are the factors that will convert customers.

3. Recognize the Strengths of Small and Large Businesses—and Choose Carefully
Consumers tend to have very different perceptions of small and large businesses. For many people, large companies might seem safer or better because consumers assume that the businesses have additional resources and can offer more benefits. However, consumers may trust a large company less than they trust a small business because the bigger company is perceived to be impersonal or out of touch. In contrast, consumers might think that small businesses offer fewer products but a higher level of customer service with a personal connection.

Of course, both large and small companies can succeed in the modern economy—but you have to choose how you’re going to market yourself carefully. Think about your target audience and try to understand what they’re most interested in receiving. Do they want great customer service above all else or are the consumers more interested in getting the lowest price possible? Look to other companies in your industry who have succeeded to see how they navigated this marketing opportunity.

4. Listen to Your Audience—But Only to a Point
Along the way, your customers will definitely provide you with both positive and negative feedback. It’s clearly important to listen carefully to what they have to say. You’ll build a closer bond with consumers and develop more loyalty when people feel like they’re being heard and when you take swift action to correct problems and rectify your mistakes. However, you’ll also need to learn when to disregard customer feedback. Many customers will have grand ideas of how they’d like your product or service to operate, but they’ll fail to understand the logistics that go into such an idea or the true long-term costs of adding new features. Successful entrepreneurs find a way to balance the needs and desires of their customers with prudent, practical actions that are conducive to profit and growth.

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