According to a recent survey from UPS and comScore of more than 3,000 American shoppers, the vast majority of consumers are paying attention to what retailers post on Facebook. The study found that 52 percent of online shoppers will at least take the time to briefly skim business posts for information—and an additional 34 percent read retailer posts in their entirety just as though they were updates from friends.

That means that an average 86 percent of a company’s Facebook fans are interacting with their posts in some way. Only eight percent skip the posts altogether, and six percent say that they don’t notice retail posts in the first place.

Online shoppers see your ads

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With Facebook drawing in so much consumer attention, it’s important for business owners to figure out how to get more people interested in their social media pages. In many cases, offering a simple incentive is the best way for a retailer to get more Facebook fans. For instance, the UPS study also found that 60 percent of people who had liked a page on Facebook did so because the retailer occasionally offers special promotions that are only available to Facebook fans.

Whether you choose to run a contest, offer regular weekly coupons, or send a free gift to people who like your page, incentivizing potential fans is one of the most effective ways to get people reading your Facebook page regularly. Once you know people are reading your page, you can build more awareness of your brand and earn the loyalty of your customers. Your Facebook page is also a prime advertising space where you can let people know about your latest deals. Just be sure that you’re primarily offering consumers value and relevant information instead of bombarding them with marketing messages.

Social media doesn’t always encourage direct traffic to your website, and the overall results can sometimes be difficult to track. However, most marketers agree that the greatest influence from social sites like Facebook comes early in the purchasing process. Your Facebook page isn’t intended to solicit a direct sale, but it can make customers more familiar with your products and services and help them to develop a positive association with your brand.

Make sure customers can find you when they search on Facebook and get your message in front of as many new fans as possible. At Red Crow Marketing, we can manage your social media accounts and help you develop a creative social media marketing plan that fits into your overall branding strategy. If you’d like to learn more about what social media can do for your business, contact us here or call us at 417-889-1658 today.

A report on this study was originally published by Marketing Charts on June 5, 2013. You can read more about the survey and its findings here.


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