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Four Proven Strategies to Build Your Email Marketing List

Image by Elvert Barnes
Image by Elvert Barnes

It’s no secret that an email marketing list is one of the most effective online marketing tools that a business can employ. Your email list is filled with qualified leads who have already expressed interest in your company by signing up to receive your messages. Naturally, it’s essential to continue growing your list and finding new subscribers every month. Use these top tips to build your email list and potential customer base.

1. Simplify the Signup Process

The first tip is an incredibly important one that many businesses unfortunately miss—make sure that people can sign up for your list easily. Your subscription form should be brief, simple, and contain just a couple questions. Though you might be tempted to mine as much information as you can right away, you’ll ultimately deter users who aren’t comfortable sharing personal details. In most cases, you don’t need much more than a customer’s email address and first name to get started.

2. Next, Make Sure They Can Unsubscribe Easily

Should you really make it simple for customers to unsubscribe from your list? As you might expect, fewer people will follow through unsubscribing if the process is complicated, and they’ll instead delete your emails when they arrive. However, you’ll also discourage people from signing up in the first place if they think they’ll have a hard time ending the emails. Your total number of subscribers will also be less likely to accurately reflect the number of interested leads you have. Instead, if you make it clear that people can unsubscribe easily whenever they want, more users will be interested in signing up for your list. Tell people how often they’ll hear from you and respect their inboxes by sending only relevant messages.

3. Create a Visible Sign-Up Form

To get more subscribers, you’ll also need a visible and easy-to-find signup form. Many business owners place several forms strategically on their websites in locations such as the sidebar, header, footer, and at the end of new articles and blog posts. You should test various locations before choosing a single strategy, but you’ll typically get the best results when your signup form is eye-catching yet non-intrusive and placed in a clear spot on the page.

4. Give People a Reason to Sign Up

Finally, give people a clear reason to sign up for your email list in the form of an incentive. Though many people are reluctant to sign up for yet another email list, they’re more likely to give yours a shot if they get a free gift or discount in return. Consider putting together a special report, list of industry tips, or email subscriber coupon that people get when they sign up. If you’re not able to give an incentive to every new customer, set up a contest and give each new subscriber an entry as an incentive.

Red Crow Marketing can help you create a successful email marketing campaign and find more subscribers and qualified leads. To get your consultation and to learn more about the benefits of email marketing for your business, contact us here or give us a call at 417-889-1658.


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