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Optimize Email Marketing Deployment for Better Open Rates

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Email marketing is a powerful tool for your business, but it’s only effective if you track your results carefully and adjust the messages you send for better results. A recent study from Experian Marketing Services looked at the optimal times to send messages. While the results from this study could vary widely based on factors like industry, brand, subject matter, and number of messages sent per week, it’s still helpful to look at a few of the general trends that researchers found.

The study found that roughly 40 percent of marketing emails are sent between 8AM and 11:59AM. However, only 16.1 percent of these messages were opened—the lowest conversion rate of any period during the day. On the other hand, emails that were sent out at other times of day received more attention. Though only 2 percent of emails were sent between 8PM and 11:59 PM, 21.7 percent of these messages were opened. Similarly, Saturdays and Sundays saw the fewest emails sent out, but had the best response rates with an overall open rate of 17.8 percent on each day.

The Experian study didn’t speculate about the possible causes behind these trends, but the data does indicate a few possibilities.

First, it might be harder for consumers to keep up with emails in the mornings when they receive multiple marketing messages at once. Marketers may also find it harder to make their messages stand out from the crowd. In general, it’s much easier to get your email noticed if it’s sitting alone in an inbox rather than buried beneath a pile of other messages.

Additionally, many users have more free time in the evenings and on weekends. Whether people can’t access their personal email accounts during the work day or whether they simply don’t have time to read additional emails, they’re apt to delete or archive messages sent at less than optimal times. When they receive emails during their free time, however, they’re much more likely to pay attention and open or interact with the messages.

Naturally, any email marketing campaign should be tracked closely and measured to find the best results. Customers of various industries may have different habits from one another, so it’s important to carefully analyze your target audience and understand their behavior before making any major decisions. Try sending messages at different times and on different days to get an idea of the optimal marketing points for your business.

Red Crow Marketing can help you set up an effective email marketing campaign that advertises your business while also providing value to your customers. We’ll help you track and analyze the results of your initial campaign and fine-tune it to bring in better results. Contact us today or give us a call at 417-889-1658 to schedule your consultation.

A report on this study was originally published on March 13, 2013 by Marketing Charts. Read more about the study and its findings here.


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