We don't just make websites, we build selling machines.

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Web Design and Development

This is your most important marketing tool. Almost every prospect you get will review your site before they decide to contact you.

Everything revolves around your website. All advertising and marketing will deliver prospects to your website. If it’s outdated, egocentric, or confusing, you’ve lost them before they ever walked into your store, and you’ve wasted your money.

"Red Crow really helped us to understand what a website was supposed to do. I would recommend that anybody who is thinking about doing a website come to Red Crow. They know what they're talking about. You'll learn things about your business that you didn't know."
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A good website must engage and convert. Most websites don’t do either effectively.

  • Engage: Most leave in a few seconds without clicking on anything else. If you don’t engage, you don’t compel. If you don’t compel - you don’t sell.
  • Convert: You need to determine exactly what actions you’d like your visitors to take after they arrive on your site. Do you know what your conversion goals are?

Websites are not as simple as they seem. Building them can be easy. Creating a pretty design isn’t too difficult either. Making them work for your business is more complex.

The quality and organization of your website directly affects how well visitors are able to find it. Building your website with SEO in mind will help you appear higher in the result pages of Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and other search engines. A well-optimized website will reduce your expenses for other online marketing programs.

Once you build it, you must maintain it.

Online rules are continually changing. In fact, a website’s performance typically deteriorates over time. You need to make regular updates to stay current and competitive.

Red Crow Marketing creates sticky websites that are:

  • Strategically designed to engage and sell
  • SEO-friendly
  • Easy to update
  • Equipped with analytic and tracking capabilities

Other services we offer include:
  • Monthly analytic monitoring
  • Custom maintenance plans
  • Hosting, email, and domains
  • Ecommerce (shopping cart and checkout functions)
  • Interactive elements
  • Live chat (like the one you’ve probably seen on our site)

For a free evaluation of your website, fill out the form below. We’ll run a few tests on your site and give you some recommendations. You’ll get valuable information for free with no obligation.


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