With the continuing rise of healthcare costs, preventive care is more important than ever. Liberty Hospital is working to improve the health of not just its patients, but of all residents of Liberty, Missouri and the surrounding area. According to a report by the National Research Council and Institute...

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Over the years, Red Crow has worked with Gold Mountain Communications to develop an ongoing marketing plan focused on recruitment and retention. The company is expanding quickly and thus always looking to add qualified employees to its team. As part of this recruitment strategy, Red Crow helped identify the best sources...

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With any marketing campaign comes the need for a measurement tool to determine its effectiveness. Sales Manago outline the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to keep an eye on when evaluating a campaign. Measuring marketing KPIs can be used to identify which actions are the most successful, as...

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Losing an employee and having to go through the process of hiring a new staff member is not only stressful, it’s also expensive. According to an article by American Progress, on average it costs businesses 20 percent of an employee’s annual salary to replace them. But depending upon the employee’s job...

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Congratulations to NorthStar Battery for winning 3rd place in their category at the 35th Annual Sertoma Chili Cook-Off! Thanks to more than 8,000 visitors throughout the weekend and around 300 dedicated volunteers and sponsors, the event was able to successfully raise over $125,000 to support local youth charities such...

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We wanted to take a minute to crow about the ladies at Springfield Law Group. Thank you to Susanna, Connie and Val for supporting the Girl Scouts by acting as successful role models for young girls like Kyra Gibbins of Girl Scout Troop 71313. Relationships like these help empower...

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